Welcome Agent!

Some people say that we are playing a game but we are several thousand army division, which fights to preserve current order in our world. Our aim is to protect our minds to be not corrupted by alien influence.
Ingress transforms world around you to global network full of mysteries, discoveries and fight for control. Join us on streets of your city. Meet other people who already see what you couldn’t see in your area.

Smartphone is your scanner. Your local area is a game arena. Explore it, fight for control over it. Support International missions. In Resistance everybody counts, We are not a mass. We are just like a body – We are one, but every one of us is irreplaceable.

We are resistance!

Help us to protect our World from Shapers.


Portals under our control
Hours a day
Points more than ENL in Krakow Anomaly

The Resistance in Poland famous since old times. Our grandparents cracked Enigma, they fought on streets for our freedom. Now we apparently live in time of peace, however around us there is constant fight, which can’t be spotted with naked eye. We fight for freedom of a whole world, so it won’t be enslaved by Alien energy we can’t take control of. Join us, shoulder to shoulder, Take a chellenge and help us in fight for our future.

There are several thousand Resistance members in Poland. Several regional squads are coworking. They are sharing their experiences and tools. They support each other on bigger missions and… sory, but this I can’t tell you until you have a blue scanner. Believe me, you want to join our side.


If you want to join us you have to complete several steps:

Download app

Download, install and run following app on your smartphone

iTunes Google Play

Pick agent name and side

If you picked Resistance – follow to next step. Otherwise you are on your own now.

Just walk around and fight

Just walk around your city playing and you will be noticed. We also recommend you to contact coordinator of your area.

Did you know that Resistance had really big influence of Polish History?
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